Sole Connection Theraputic & Prenatal Massage

The modern SpaRitualist nurtures herself/himself on a daily basis, balancing a busy schedule with little luxuries, simple wellness rituals and quick retreats. Attuned to their dreams and the rhythms of life, they are witty and sensual, fashionable and wise, practical and lighthearted. They design their lives with purpose, enriching them with the best in beauty, nutrition, stress-management and exercise.

For all of Sole Connection's esthetic Spa Rituals, we are proud to represent the SpaRitual line of body care products made with vegan ingredients from around the world. These specially sourced products contain the plant essences of Indonesian Ginger, Egyption Geranium, Indian Frankinsence, and Chinese Jasmine and are Certified Organic and Fair Trade. As well, our nail laquers and nail care essentials are vegan and free of DBP, toulene, formaldehyde, and formaldehyde resin. All SpaRitual products are packaged responsibly and designed to compliment an enhanced multi-sensory experience. 

At Sole Connection we celebrate 4 states of slow beauty in each of the four treatment rooms. "Close Your Eyes" in the thera-pedi treatment room, "Be Inifinitely Loving" in the Prenatal treatment room, "Look Inside" and explore your untapped energies, or lay back and reconnect in the  "Instinctual" room.