Sole Connection Theraputic & Prenatal Massage

The purpose of Raindrop Technique is to stimulate healing in every organ, muscle, bone and ligament in your body at the cellular level, to boost your immune system and to bring your body into structural and electrical balance, thereby enabling the release of toxins and disease. Not surprisingly, this intense discharge often includes toxins that are embedded in your mind and emotions, facilitating a powerful transformation on many levels.

Raindrop is not  only a massage, but rather a form of physical meditation, an anointing, that stimulates a relaxing and healing response throughout your body. At Sole Connection, therapeutic grade essential oils are first "vita-flexed" onto the spinous reflex points on the feet, and then dropped in a specific sequence onto the back from 6 inches above the spine, like drops of rain. The oils are then feathered, stroked and cajoled along the spine to drive the oils deep into your body, where they can really work their magic. As the treatment progresses, manipulations of the spine progress into deep tissue petrissage. The process is completed with a soothing application of warm moist towels while you rest, and many people fall asleep at this time. The technique is a luxurious, transformative experience; I think of it as a body prayer. The effects can last days, often even weeks, renewing and revitalizing every cell.

Raindrop Technique works with the recipients own healing energy and therefore, at Sole Connection, each experience is customized to what is needed in the moment, using tuning forks, pranayama (deep breathing techniques), and a lovely guided meditation.

75 min for $125

*All prices do not include tax. Essential oil add on available for $5 (2 oils) or $10 (5 oils)...please mention oil add on in the Notes section when booking...

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