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By analysing the condition of the body shape, size, tissue and any contorting of the structure, the emotional past of a person can be revealed. These conditions or “features” can be visibly seen through the face, hands, feet or the body as a whole. You may have noticed that some bodies walking past you are “bent out of shape”. What that means is that they are actually off-center. This can happen front to back or left to right. If you look at the human body using a plumb line, by standing a person along side of it you can actually see how far the person pulls or pushes him or herself from their center point. Generally explained, the body can become twisted as it struggles between the physical and mental doings.

How does this happen? We are emotional beings with our emotions ranging from tranquillity to rage, with each emotion creating a different posturing of the body. When we are experiencing joy, our body moves differently than when we are feeling anger. Our bodies are in the “fight or flight” mode from the time we enter the world (some believe from the time of conception through the mother connection). With the many events in our lives, the body responses to situations at an emotional level and, with repeated experiences, the programming of a response occurs. If the situation is one that the person is unsure of how to respond, the body stores the memory at cellular level. This allows the person to retrieve the experience in the future to complete the response once it has the conscious awareness of how to deal with it. With age comes wisdom.

With more situations stored, or the more protection that is needed to feel safe in the world, the body adds tissue. The psychosomatic term would be “Issue in the Tissue”. That is why weight plays a factor in an assessment. Now, for those who are thinking, “I am thin so I must not have any issues,” remember that if your response system is in “flight”, then you would not be in your body and would not need the tissue for survival because you are not “home”. If you are not home, then where would you be? You would be in your head. To confirm this, listen to how you speak; “I think”, “I hear”, “I know”, “I see”, are all senses of the head. Rather than “I feel” or “I sense”, which are senses of the body.

If you can imagine being in a car accident, physical fight or an abusive situation, the body’s first response is to survive the experience. As the body goes into survival mode, it goes into a protective positioning for the experience. If you are not able to process the situation at both the emotional and physical levels quickly enough in order to survive, the emotional demand will be stored at cellular level and the physical body will be taken care of first. If the situation is repeated at different times in one’s life with enough repeated experiences, a pattern of response is created not only on the physical level but also on the emotional level. The post-traumatic results are a blocked memory, physical ailments and becoming emotionally locked in the situation through fear, anger or pain. Understand however, that the experience does not have to be as traumatic as the above situations. It can be any situation that a person did not feel safe in.

By knowing that the human body is made up of bone structure, internal organs, and the emotional and mental body, you come to a more complete understanding that if the body is out of balance at one level, it has an affect on the other levels.

Chakras are the major energy centers of the body. These centers are positioned along the spine and each chakra has internal organs of the neuro-endocrine system associated to it. By understanding the body at the energetic level, you can see how the structure and internal organs can be compromised when it contorts, throwing its balance and rhythm off, and hindering the body from being at its full potential.

By working the physical body, this allows energy to flow and balance to be restored. Through the technique of triggering the ‘buttons’ through yoga, massage, or reflexology the body retrieves the memory or emotion. Once the release happens a person, may have memory flashes, emotional rushes or a surge of energy. They are then able to call in the consciousness of today and rationalize or process the experience, allowing it to be finished or released. When the body goes into protective posturing, the memory is stored in that position, so when a person goes through the release, the body will sometimes contort back to the original positioning to release the memory.

Benefits of emotion release therapies, such as psychosomatic therapy, are a shifting of the structural body, an emotional calmness, and a conscious choice to respond to things in the now, no longer relying on the old response system. In some people, a reduction in weight occurs due to a release of the need to protect from the emotional past experience.

With the busy lifestyles that we live, dealing with today is challenge enough without going into the past to deal with the “old stuff”. However, if the body is not balanced at the spiritual, mental or emotional levels, the physical body manifests illness. When this happens, the symptoms can be anything from repeated colds to chronic pain.

The question is: your body is speaking, are you listening?


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